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The Huntington Bicycle Club, NY

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HBC 2024 Club Officers and Board members

The following are the HBC Club Officers and Board members, all elected positions:
Officers include-President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all with one-year terms.
The Board of Directors Includes-Four members, each serving 2-year terms, with two members up for election each year.
There is one appointed, non-voting Board Member-Membership.
You can contact any of our Board members using the Contact Us page.

Karen Gellert

HBC Member since: 2003

Positions Held: Ride Leader, Secretary, Gold Coast: Rest Stop worker and Captain, Registration and set-up, Road Markings Chair, T-Shirts and Ices.

Professional Background: Retired public school music teacher, music faculty of LIU Post and SUNY Fredonia.

Personal Quote: “Ultimately, we all just want to have fun. Let’s do that while riding safely and enjoying the experience”

Vice President 
John Greene

HBC Member Since 2007

Positions Held: Ride Leader, Club Meetings’ Refreshment chair, Party Planning Chairman (Gold Coast and Winter parties)

Professional Background: Sales, Professional Ski Instructor

Personal Quote: “Upon my first association with the Huntington Bicycle Club, I was warmly welcomed and have created friendships that have continued to the present day. I have been to more interesting, exciting and adrenaline filled places to ride than I ever thought possible, and have met people from all walks of life who share our common bond. Presiding as Vice President is my way of giving back for all the great memories and of more to come.”


Anthony Oliveri

Anthony Oliveri

HBC Member since 2015

Positions Held: Club Rider

Professional Experience
Technology executive for a global information services company.

Personal Quote: 
Over the last eight years of riding with the club I’ve really enjoyed the challenges and comradery of the weekly rides.  The great work done by Gregg Fremed to create an excellent foundation for the club’ treasury will allow me to hit the ground “riding” as I take on this new position. Looking forward to working with the rest of the Board to continue this high standard of service for the club.

Pam Rogers

Pam Rogers


HBC Member since 2004


Positions Held:
 Ride Leader, Gold Coast Volunteer


Professional Background:
The Estee Lauder Companies, Global Product Stewardship

Personal Quote:

" Life is not a practice round, I try to find joy and fun in everything I do and share that joy with others"


Allan Pearlman Bio

Board Member:
Allan Pearlman

HBC member since 2013


Positions Held:

I headed a committee in 2020 to increase membership and get additional Gold Coast riders, by working with organizers of the 5-Boro Bike Tour, neighboring Long Island bike clubs, local bike shops, and Newsday. Unfortunately, Covid shut down everything that year. l also have been a regular Gold Coast Volunteer' 

Professional Experience:

Retired. Taught high school social studies, then became the northeast regional sales manager for a musical instrument manufacturer/distributor (Korg USA).



Personal Quote:

When my daughter was 19, she rode her bicycle one summer from Seattle to Washington DC. As I followed her journey, I got interested in cycling myself, and decided to check out HBC. I was a total beginner with an inexpensive hybrid bike, but I signed up for the 55 mile Gold Coast ride. I was determined to finish the ride, and I was the last person back, but I loved the experience and the terrific club members who I met. I joined HBC, and can honestly say, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Board Member and
Gold Coast Chairperson:
Steven Labiner

HBC Member since 2010


Positions Held: Ride Leader, Gold Coast Co-Chairman 2019


Professional Background: Certified Financial Planner


Personal Quote: “The Huntington Bike Club offers a great way to safely ride your bike, explore Long Island riding on quiet and scenic backroads, making friends and staying in shape.”


Board Member and
Outside Club Liaison:
Scott Gross, MD

HBC Member since-2008

Positions held: Ride Leader, Committee Chair for Retention, Gold Coast: Road markings, Registration.

Professional Experience: Family Physician and Professor of Family Medicine at SUNY Stony Brook, Hofstra and Albany Medical College.

 Personal Quote: “I feel we need to continue the historical traditions that have made us a vital club, yet support the new ideas and new computer and equipment advances in riding and ride organization.”



Board Member 
and Membership Chairman:
Sal Levy

HBC Member since 1997

Positions Held: Ride Leader, Gold Coast Volunteer.

Professional Experience: Semi-retired Physics teacher/professor. 

Personal Quote:
“The HBC has added adventure, fun and friendship to my life. I treasure my fellow members and my ability to join them in all our beautiful rides. HBC is more than a club-it’s a lifestyle. “